Connected Commons Fall 2015 Summit

The Connected Commons is a community of people who believe that in an interdependent world, networks are now the organizing principle of our social and organizational lives. We seek to develop network ideas that advance the performance and well-being of individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

On September 9th and 10th over 100 organizations attended the first annual Connected Commons Summit. It was a stimulating event that mixed real world applications of network thinking along a number of core dimensions.

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Presentation Keynotes

Rob Cross
This session introduced the Connected Commons, described its purpose and offerings for members, and explored its primary research domains – organizational change and alignment, innovation, talent optimization, and leadership effectiveness – using case examples, it showed how organizations have used network tools and techniques to improve performance in these areas.

Bill Pasmore
Bill discussed several of the broad trends that have made networks a critical determinant of organizational success. He characterized recent work on use of network analysis to identify and work through high leverage people and roles in networks.

Ron Burt
This brief presentation introducted the predictable way reputations emerge from gossip, and are sustained by gossip, with dramatic implications for building and managing people, products, groups, and organizations.

Tammy Erickson
Tammy provided insights into generational differences regarding personal network effectiveness.

Andy Hargadon
Andy described how making networks visible helps organizations recognize and pursue opportunities for innovation. He focused on how personal network dimensions and actions shape group and organizational level networks within and between organizations.

Margaret Schweer & Greg Pryor
Margaret and Greg discussed the shiN in talent management from focusing on the individual to studying networks.

John Boudreau
As collaboration becomes more central to all of our work, developing practices that recognize the importance of traditionally invisible networks becomes increasingly important. John discussed how companies can adapt on this front.

LESA Innovation Network Self-assessment

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Entertainment Highlights

Enjoy this song performed live by The Virginia Gentlemen.

"Joy to the World"

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