Recent Books

Over the last few years, I’ve written two books which explore the organizational network analysis ideas in depth. They are filled with practice advice and case studies for how leaders can understand and drive value through networks.

Driving Results Through Social Networks

Published in 2009, Driving Results through Social Networks: How Top Organizations Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth focuses on specific applications of network analysis that have yielded substantial business impact, supported by a broad range of case studies.


"’Driving Results Through Social Networks’ shows executives how to leverage seemingly invisible networks for performance and innovation impact. Through compelling and detailed cases the authors demonstrate how top organizations are deriving measurable business impact by cultivating networks that support strategic objectives—not simply building collaborations indiscriminately. The ideas are highly impactful and ones we are using on several fronts at Monsanto."
Mark Showers, Chief Information Officer, Monsanto

“Rob Cross and Bob Thomas continue to break new ground in the study—and most importantly in the practical application—of social network analysis to organizational results. Their framework for examining networks is both specific and actionable. The ideas in "Driving Results Through Social Networks" will continue to help our leaders maximize their own effectiveness and drive Hewlett-Packard forward.”
Steffen Landauer, Chief Learning Officer, Hewlett-Packard

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Hidden Power of Social Networks

The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organization was my first book, which introduced how valuable network analysis could be to creating a high-performing organization, with specific examples of the steps and techniques to successfully run such a project.

Excerpts from my endorsements,

"At last! A comprehensive research-based text on social networks written for those who actually want to do something productive with these networks. Well written, down to earth, and very valuable, this book is sure to be cited and used for many years into the future."
Larry Prusak, Distinguished Scholar, Babson College
(past director of IBM's Institute for Knowledge Management)

"Informal social networks are the hidden source of power and influence and the real pathways for getting things done in any organization... It is a must-read for anyone who wants to be a leader."
Nitin Nohria, Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


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